6 December, 2009

Seniors Event - Summer Social Yum Cha

6th December 2009
Golden Harvest Restaurant
By Phillip Shum

Outside the restaurant the weather was wet and cool but inside 30 OSCA adult members were enjoying their meal in a warm jovial atmosphere. Many had not seen each other for a while so it was a great chance to catch up and reminisce about the good old days of OSCA and past sports tournaments. Family and friends, some passed on, were discussed and remembered with affection. 
Many of the group had been associated with OSCA since 1950 and had seen how the local branch has become a strong association. It was certainly a time to catch up and enjoy the lunch and each others company. 
When it was time to depart many said “we must do it again”.


金禾閣飯店 – 2009126

By Phillip Shum

外面的天氣又冷又潮濕,但是裏面30位華聯會成人會員在暖和而愉快的享受著美食。 有一些已經很久沒見面了,所以這是一個很好的機會一起聚一聚,聊一聊,回憶一些以前美好的時光。討論和回憶一些關於家庭,朋友,還有一些故友的事情。





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