23 February, 2009

Senior Event - Dancing Lessons For People With Two Left Feet

By Janice Sew Hoy
23-25 February 2009

Wow! There were so many people with two left feet who responded to our advertisement. They came in droves: young, young at heart, romantics and older. They all came out of curiosity. How do people with two left feet dance?

Well Cecil and Nancy Wong sure got those left feet tapping. The scheduled two hours passed quickly………..it got later and later and those left feet were still tapping at 10.30pm! The break for a cuppa ended up being a rush to quench a thirst………..all that exercise certainly worked up a sweat.

On the second night they came back…..and more. On the third night they came back and even more!

Cecil and Nancy made learning to dance so easy………and so fun. Even the most uncoordinated ones amongst us found that we could manage our two left feet.

We learnt the basics of rock n roll, cha cha, waltz, salsa, bachata and hustle. We were rocking to the beat and the auditorium was a sea of smiles. We even learnt 3 sequence dances which had us all skipping in the aisles.

For those of us who did not miss this one off opportunity for members of OSCA to “have a go” we were really impressed that we could actually learn so much in such a short time.

Now we know why dancing is the craze up in the North Island.

It was so much fun!

Thank you Cecil and Nancy! When will you be returning to Dunedin?