28 February, 2013

Presidents Report February 2013

Happy New Year!

This year your committee will have an increasing number of commitments to its own activities, supporting other Civic activities, and other community group activities.
Our youth group continues to be active in cultural, sporting, and academic fields.
Orientation Week will see the Youth Group manning a stall at the Clubs and Societies Day, as well as an Orientation BBQ/picnic.
In early February a leadership camp run by NZCA, Auckland Branch will attract potential leaders, who will eventually take on more responsible roles within our organisation and in their working careers.
A new youth award has been approved by the committee. Please take the time to look at the article about the award in that follows in this newsletter.
Later this year we will host the South Island September Basketball Tournament where we (Otago Southland Branch) compete against the Canterbury Branch in basketball at a number of different age groups.
Keep an eye out for the newsletters and this website to find out about up and coming events and activities. You will also find reports on activities that we have been involved in over the last few months.
I would like to thank the committee for their support over the year and look forward to working with them again this year.
Please take advantage of your membership and participate in some of our events that we hold for your benefit or apply for the various courses, awards, and scholarships.
We are trying very hard to offer a good spread of activities for our members and are open to suggestions, so if you have a good idea or wish to help form an activity group, contact one of our committee members who will help as much as they can.
So with Chinese New Year coming up, I would like to wish you all another Happy Chinese New Year.
Linus Chin
Otago-Southland Chinese Association