31 May, 2013

Presidents Reports May 2013

We have had a busy time since the last message so read all about it in this site, starting from the home page.
Thanks to a wonderful group of volunteers, OSCA is able to run many activities for its members. We have volunteers that help to organize our fundraising dinners and senior events, such as the photo afternoons, and yum chars. We also have a  very active youth group who are supported by volunteers who help organize sports competitions, sports teams, socials, Lion  Dance, and camps. Our Southland Sub Branch is run by a very enthusiastic volunteer committee and I am sure they also have volunteers from the community who give up time and resources as well. These people are the heart and soul of the association and we are lucky to have them. Although most of our activities focus on our local members, we are part of a national group, the New Zealand Chinese Association (NZCA). It’s my understanding that we are the longest running and only national body representing the Chinese community in New Zealand. Being part of NZCA, gives OSCA access to scholarships, courses, overseas tours, and good relationships with the New Zealand Government as well as the Chinese Embassy and Consuls, and the Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office.
The NZCA Sports and Cultural Tournament, NZCA Chinese School Subsidy, NZCA Academic Scholarships, NZCA Winter Camp, Dragon 100, NZCA Leadership Development Camp are all NZCA initiatives which members can participate in (conditions apply).
If you know family or friends that may enjoy OSCA activities and want to join our community then please contact a committee member or use the form in the newsletter.
Thank You.
Linus Chin