Benefits of OSCA Membership

Dear Member/Intending Member,

Memberships for 2014 will be due on 31 March. We encourage every member of the Chinese Community, your family and friends to join the Otago & Southland Chinese Association.

Benefits you will get from being a member are: Chinese New Year picnic, Chinese New Year dinner, August Moon dinner, certification service, translation service (at a discounted rate), newsletters, use of the club rooms, NZCA Annual Easter Sports Tournament, Annual South Island Chinese Miniball & Basketball Tournament, NCEA academic awards, NZCA Guangdong Youth Winter Camp, NZCA Youth Leadership Camp, NZCA Adult China Tour, organized trips and many more.

Weekly miniball and basketball practices are held on Sundays in Terms 1, 2 and 3. Miniball practices are also held in Term 4. The Chinese School and dance classes also run every Sunday.

Each year we hold a number of events for the Chinese Community. Your membership will ensure that you will be able to participate fully in these community events and meet other members of your Chinese Community.

Your membership will allow you to participate in many of our functions at a discounted rate. Many of our activities are only available to members of the Association.

To ensure that you remain on our mailing list and continue to receive our newsletters and information on community events we encourage you to enter your details on the subscription form and return it to us with your payment. In order to facilitate our communication with you, particularly on upcoming events we ask that you include your email address.

The OSCA needs your input and ideas to further the community spirit.

Otago & Southland Chinese Association Committee