The 2019 NZCC Next Generation Leadership Event

Fostering the next generation of leadership is critical to the relationship building goals set by the New Zealand China Council (the Council)


2017 NZCC Next Generation Leadership Event

In November 2017, the New Zealand China Council (NZCC) launched its inaugural Next Generation Leadership Event. The participates identified three key areas of the NZ China relationship. These core areas were education, technology and innovation and media.


Overall, the outcomes of this event were fruitful, enabling active engagement from young kiwi leaders. Furthermore, the feedback was unanimously positive.


2019 NZCC Next Generation Leadership Event

Based on this success, the Council has decided to hold a second Next Generation Leadership event in Auckland on 22 March 2019.


The purpose of this year’s event is to get participants’ collective vision of the future of the New Zealand China relations focusing on Public Perception, Chinese Language Teaching and Investment (using the Council’s respective reports as reference). Youth leaders will present in either of these three areas and propose recommendations to the Council of future engagement in these three areas.


Key Objectives (KO)

KO1 Promote Youth Leadership and Development 
KO2 Youth engagement with NZCC research 
KO3 Development of the Next Generation Space.



  1. Upon registration, Next Generation participants will select their preferred area of interest from the NZCC published categories.
  • ·         NZ Perceptions of China
  • ·         Teaching Languages in Schools: Rationales, Potential, Constraints and Recommendations with particular relevance to Mandarin Chinese
  • ·         The Belt and Road Initiative, a strategic pathway.
  1. Participants will then be assembled into groups
  2. Participants will receive a starter pack including all the necessary instructions and materials required to create their 20 minute presentation.
  3. Participants will be expected to
  1. a.       Coordinate with their group members
  2. b.       Research their topic
  3. c.       Prepare a presentation around their chosen focus area.


Various elements of this event will include

  1. Opening remarks
  2. Briefing on the future of NZ China relationship
  3. Morning Workshop - This workshop will allow participants work with their group to finalise, refine and practise their presentation
  4. Lunch and key note speaker - This address will be centred around youth leadership and the potential of youth engagement in the future of NZ China relations
  5. Afternoon workshop - The three groups will present on their focus area which will be followed by a response from an expert.
  6. Next Generation Networking – Participants will be invited for drinks and nibbles and a chance to network.


Organisation requests

We would appreciate if you could nominate four youth leaders (with appropriate gender balance) from your organisation to participate in the second Next Generation Leadership event by 4 February, including their name and contact details and a personal invitation will be sent out to these nominees.