OSCA supports Fortune Theatre which is hosting the play “Under The Same Moon“ at the Fortune on 24th and 25th September, 2016.
The story is of particular interest to Chinese both young and old.

Here is a short synopsis of Under the Same Moon.

“Though we are a thousand leagues apart, we all look on the same moon.”
-Tang Dynasty poem

Under the Same Moon (suitable ages 7 and over) is a family comedy one-hander, with three generations of one Kiwi family played by the chameleonic Hweiling Ow. Based on Renee's memories of her two Chinese grandmothers, the play is a warm and funny celebration of the bonds between sisters, mothers and daughters, as well as casting light on the challenges faced by migrant families trying to maintain bonds across oceans.


Porpor Grace, an elderly woman from Hong Kong, embarks on the trip of a lifetime – a visit to New Zealand to attend the wedding of her granddaughter. Unfortunately she hasn’t been invited and no one knows she’s coming until she slips her caregivers and turns up in Wellington. Her presence throws some knots into an already fraught time for her family.

Her daughter, Lorna, has been living in NZ for over 20 years. Outwardly the dutiful daughter who has made sure her mother is well provided for, Lorna finds Porpor’s arrival incredibly inconvenient. How can she assume her new role as family matriarch when her own mother is there, reminding her to go to the toilet? And there’s the niggling worry that Porpor has advancing dementia.

Lorna’s two daughters, meanwhile, engage with their grandmother in different ways. Stella, the oldest and without a partner after a series of disastrous relationships, wishes for a child. Sarah, the younger child who’s getting married, struggles with her mother’s disapproval of her fiancée, her job, everything about her life, really.

Meanwhile, freed of her carers, Porpor’s out to discover the world. Or at least NZ. That’s quite a cultural place isn’t it? What better way to discover it than by joining a Kiwi Experience backpacker bus tour? Unfortunately her understanding of cultural norms is a little... off. She’s returned by the police to her family just in time for the ceremony. But then fate throws another of its curveballs – and the family are reminded once again of the joy, heartbreak and mystery of life.

A heartfelt comedy about daughters and their wayward mothers. From award-winning writer Renee Liang (Lantern, The First Asian AB, The Bone Feeder) with the chameleonic skills of Hweiling Ow (Flat 3, Two Fish n a Scoop).

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