1 December, 2021

Lion Dancing 2021

Lisa Hanson

And we are in November! This year started off a bit shaky with a few of our Senior Lion Dancers getting injured and having moved away so suddenly. But Chinese New Year Performances were still met with enthusiasm and skill

from our team. Our first few months were busy with all our Chinese New Year performances at the Casino, Art Gallery, Silver Fern Farms, Chinese Gardens and Golden Harvest, then a few weeks later, we were back at it with
Race Relations day at the gardens.

Dunedin constantly reminds us how diverse our city is and it is such a privilege to be able to perform with other talented performers representing all the other cultures from around the world.

Lion Dancing is tradition, it is culture, it is celebration, When Chinese people watch or hear the lion dancing, it reminds them of home. For those born in New Zealand, it is a piece of their mother land existing here in Aotearoa.
Along with the food, the costumes, the festivals and stories, Lion Dancing is a key character throughout Chinese culture.

This year, Anne Cheng invited us to Lawrence to run a few workshops for the local children. Leonora is their Happy Yellow Lion and we spent a few weekends there running workshops for the kids. They were quick to learn and the enthusiasm was fantastic. A huge appreciation to Thomas Tonkin, Andrew Lee, Victoria Ung, Matthew Ung Sean Duncan and Jacinda Duncan who came down and helped teach the kids their dance moves. They demonstrated great leadership skills and it was great to pass on everything they had learnt.

As COVID again showed up and interrupted our year of events and preparation, we took a step down from our practices and our team has had a reshuffle. Many of our older teens have become honouree members now and
we are in the process of training up our very young and keen lion dance

Introducing, Hannah and Joseph Hamilton and Caleb and Carson Ong. We also have had two new teachers join us this year, Stephanie and Jing, who are from Auckland and have learnt Lion Dancing while they attended high school in there. I would like to give them all a huge welcome to the team.

Currently we are keeping practices casual as performances have been mostly cancelled this year, so we are working on our music and planning our performances for all the Chinese New Year celebrations in 2022. 

Here’s to a festive and Safe Holiday this Summer. Happy Holidays from the Lion Dance team everyone and Look forward to seeing you in the new year!