1 December, 2021

President’s Report

Teresa Chan

Dear Everyone,

This is my first report since becoming President at our AGM in Oct 2021. 

Covid has again made event planning difficult this year. After the Dragon Boat Festival, we had movie night and pot luck functions planned for our young families this year. They were unfortunately cancelled when we went into lockdown. Since then, it has been difficult to organise any larger events.

Thanks to Lisa and our committee, we had a working bee to have a good cleanout of the clubrooms earlier this year. Lisa then organised some bean bags and couches, to make our clubrooms more family and children friendly. Thanks to James, we have installed a wide screen television. Once Covid restrictions ease, we hope to have fun family group gatherings again.

Our new Youth Subcommittee is made up of Lisa, Xiaoyan, Keith, Leo and I. We have plenty of ideas, including:

  • Camp during October School Holidays as weather more favourable
  • Organising local walks – tramps to Ross Creek, Mt Cargill, Organ Pipes etc

  • Movie Nights / Quiz Nights

  • Cooking demonstrations

  • Arts based Performances – where children can showcase their musical talents

  • Lip sync

  • Escape Room as a group event

  • Cooking competitions – Theatre Sports games & Treasure Hunt.

We need more organisers and volunteers. We are looking especially for someone in the University or recent graduate age group to join our Youth Subcommittee. Anyone interested, please contact: vicepresident@osca.org.nz

Tribute to Linus Chin and Frances Wong

On that note, I wish to mention that two stalwarts of our Committee are stepping down from the Committee this year. 

Firstly, our immediate past President Linus Chin and his wife, Leanne have decided to move up to Auckland to be closer to their daughter Kendall and Leanne’s family. Frances Wong who has been our Easter Tournament controller for many Easter tournaments has also decided to step down from the Committee from the end of this year.

Each of them has been on our Committee for over 20 years and their contribution has been invaluable. We had the privilege of watching a video tribute put together by many members, especially the younger ones who have been the beneficiaries of Linus and Frances’ work. It was moving to see how many of our younger members who are now young parents themselves describe the wonderful times they had from their formative years in Dunedin, through the hard work of Linus and Frances. Both of them should be extremely proud of what they have achieved for OSCA.

Linus Chin has been our President since 2010. He has been instrumental in organising many activities for OSCA: from representing our Branch at the New Zealand Chinese Association to representing our Association at the local level. Most recently he was heavily involved with the Ventnor Memorial project.

Frances had organised many Easter Tournaments which we hosted in Dunedin. Together with Linus and others, she had also led our contingent up to Easter Tournaments at different centres. Frances was a master organiser of tournaments and camps, as well as other youth events such as annual orientation activities and barbecues.

Both Linus and Frances have raised children who were heavily involved with the Association. We are privileged to have their families’ support and contribution over such a long time.

At this year’s AGM, both Linus and Frances were awarded Certificates to recognise their long and outstanding contributions.

While we have lost two very experienced members, they are only at the other end of a phone call. I have no doubt they will give us advice and support wherever they can.

We are looking for new blood on the Committee. Please get in touch if you are interested.

My contact details are teresa@tchanlaw.co.nz & 027 577 1069. Hope to hear from you.

Teresa Chan