27 February, 2021

Lantern Festival

- for Chinese International High School Students

Held in conjunction with Dunedin Shanghai Association

Teresa Chan

This was held on 27 February 2021 in support of the Chinese international students who were unable to go home due to Covid. Xiaoyan Mu, Leo Li, Linus Chin & I were involved with organising the activities and food.

The function went well. We had about 40 students attending and two host parents. We had good food- yuanxiao which are Chinese sweet dumplings customarily eaten at Lantern Festival. We also had fun activities including a quiz in Chinese and English aimed at the students.

We had some very positive feedback from the students. They enjoyed the opportunity to meet other Chinese students. When we ran the quiz in Mandarin, we noticed the immediate difference in their attention and participation. When we asked them to rate the event out of 10, they shouted 100!

Thanks especially to Xiaoyan and Leo for making this event happen. We hope to invite the international students to join us in future events. A WeChat group with a separate QR Code has been set up to publicise future events.