1 October, 2018


This year the camp format was changed and was targeted towards younger members and their families and held at Tirohonga Camp on the 8th and 9th of September.

Around 17 children stayed the night with 9 adults and there were around 13 visitors for the day. All in all the kids had a really good time with the activities such as: Amazing Race, Wearable Arts, Cupcake decoration, Quiz, Lion Dance Lipsync, Camp Mothers Lipsync, Disco, along with plenty of great food and snacks.

Congratulations to the new team in charge of the OSCA Camp: Julie Hall, Stephanie Hall, Xiaoyan Mu, Natasha Ung, and all the volunteers that helped with food preparation and organisation. A great job!

Thanks to Kaans Catering Supplies for their generous support.

The next camp will continue the traditions set by previous camps and will involve a lot of fun and activities and entertainment so if you are interested in joining in get in touch with Xiaoyan Mu if you want your children involved with our next family event.

This year the camp was attended by over 25 family’s who all enjoyed the festivities which included some great 

Games starting with a scavenger hunt. 

Cultural night which saw the kids and adults busting out great dance moves while lip syncing 

At least half the families stayed the night. 

Steph and the team cooked up a storm, dinner was vegetables, cottage pie, chicken and ham followed by ice cream and jelly or cake for desert. The following day started off with bacon and eggs for breakfast and a hearty lunch. 

Everyone helped with the cleanup and the camp was an outstanding success. A big thank you goes out to all of those adults that helped make this possible