30 April, 2018


Frances Wong 

The 2018 Post Easter Party was held at the OSCA Rooms and 37 people attended. We were very lucky to have players from Auckland (Kendall) Wellington (Brittany), Palmerston North (Bella) and Christchurch (Gary) attend the celebration. Everyone was happy that the OSCA contingent had won the Friendship Cup with Waikato, Men’s Doubles Tennis and the Men’s Mile. Overall, everyone had a fantastic time with the sporting and social activities. The Chinese buffet meal from the Nanking Restaurant was enjoyed by all. There was an amazing choice of desserts made by Bella, Alison, Leanne, Frances and Brittany It was great to see the Easter photos again. Thanks to Kendall for organising that Colin, Nadine; Celine thanked everyone involved with the Easter Tournament and presented Gabe, Leanne, Linus and Frances with thank you gifts. Thanks, were also given to team captains, coaches, t-shirt designer (Laura Young), ordering of the tees. (Alison) and the organising of the uniforms (Leanne) 


These were given to: 

Mens Overs : MVP Ray Wang ; Jeffrey Huang (Blue Team) 

MIP Gary Gin (Blue Team) 

MVP Jono ‘Jabbawocky’Wu (White team) 

MIP Darren ‘More Minutes Please’ Joe (White Team) 

MVP Zachary Young (Yellow Team) 

MIP Ben Hall (White Team 

Womens Overs : MVP Emily Huang 

MIP Isabella Lau 

Outdoor Netball: MVP Lisa Yue & Ellen Ma 

MIP Natasha Wong ; Tara King 

Indoor Netball: MVP Gary Gin; Tara King (Blue Team) 

MIP Ray Wang (Blue Team) 

MVP Zachary Young; Ben Hall(Yellow Team) 

MIP Euvan Goh & Isabella Lau (Yellow Team) 

Touch Rugby: MVP (Mixed) Grace Barr & Natasha Wong 

MIP (Mixed) Anna Soo; Justin Wu 

Indoor Soccer: MVP Zachary Young; Euvan Goh 

MIP Laura Young 

Athletics: MVP (Men’s Mile) Nick On 

Tennis: MVP Paddy Ou ; Conrad Wong (Men’s Doubles) 

MIP Paddy Ou & Tess Low (Finalists Mixed Doubles) 

Badminton: MVP Jason So (Mens Plate) 


Can’t handle the Jandal award – Nadine King 

Scarfie for Life award – Gabe Lau (fastest skull/chug in the boat race) 

Golden Boot Award – Nikko Kim ( for scoring the most points..for 

the Friendship Cup) 

The Heartbreaker award – Ben Hall (for breaking hearts all over NZ) 

Role Model/Plunger award – Colin Chin (for showing Anthony how 

to handle alcohol and blocking the sink with vomit) 

Bruised Toe award – Euvan Goh (for not being able to play the 2nd 

day of indoor netball due to a bruised toe) 

The Forgotten award for always being left behind – Jeffrey, Anna Des 

Lost Boy Award 2.0 for not knowing his way home again! – Jeffrey 


The Beast Mode award for going into beast mode in the last 10 mins 

and owning that Auckland Chick – Tara King 

Trash 2.0 award for being taken home early after being too trashed - Tash Wong She