1 June, 2017

Post Easter Party 2017

Desmond Chin

The 69th Annual Easter tournament wouldn't be a complete success without the Post Easter Party. Packed full of memorizing photos & laughter on a chilly winters night, it began with a warm reception. Plenty of delicious food was ordered from The Nanking Restaurant and the sweet and sour pork proved very popular. If the buffet wasn't mouth-watering enough then came to the desserts, chocolate cake with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice-cream was a sweet hit. There was also sago pudding and Eddie’s sensational homemade custard pastry puffs which were a divine treat!

The awards presentation was a surprise to many. They were presented to players for their achievements and outstanding improvement over the 4-day event. 

The night progressed very quickly but before we said our goodbyes,  there was one more activity. This game involved ping pong balls and a container strapped to your head. The aim was to catch the ping pong balls in the container. It was hilarious on so many levels and enjoyed by everyone. This was a great opportunity to meet new friends and catch up with ongoing friendships.

If there is one thing I learnt over the duration of the Easter tournament is that, "When we have a challenge, we have a problem, we face it together".  



  Alex Chiew and  Eng Eu Poh (Mens)



  Paddy Ou (Mens/Mixed) and  Brittany Wong (Mixed)



  Jasmine Ng (Women’s Relay),

  Heidi Chin (W800m), Jonathan Young (Mile),

  Regan Chen (Men’s Relay)



  Anton Stoddard, Shamus Moffatt


Touch Rugby:

   Laura Young (MVP mixed)

   Benjamin Hall & Paddy Ou (MIP mixed)


Indoor Soccer:

   White Team: Allen Young & Alex Chiew (MVP’s) , Colin      

   Chin (MIP)

   Blue Team:  Josh Stoddard & Sean Lau (MVP’s)

                     Ophelia Yeung & Anthony Chin (MIP’s)


Outdoor Netball:    Natasha Wong She & Nicolle Wong   


  Isabella Lau & Amelia Hall (MIP’s)


Indoor Netball;

  White team:  Erin Goh & Levi Kaan (MVP’s)

  Blue team:  Laura Young & Ben Hall (MVP’s)

                     Jessica Lim & Anthony Chin (MIP’s)


Womens Overs Basketball:

  Brittany Wong & Tara King (MVP’s)

  Most Persistent Player Award: Lisa Yue


Womens U21 Basketball:

  Amelia Hall & Jasmine Ng (MVP’s)

  Heidi Chin (MIP)

  Best Hustler:  Celine Ahkit

  The Rocky Award –fall down & get back up again:

      Nadine King


Miniball : Nathan Lau

Intermediate:  Jared Lau


Mens U17 Basketball:

  Josh Stoddard (MVP)

  Zachary Lay & Anthony Chin (MIP’s)


Mens Overs Basketball:

  Levi Kaan & Josh Stoddard (MVP’s)

  Desmond Chin (MIP)



Photographer Extraordinaire :

   Amy Fong

Biggest Troll:

   Anton Stoddard & Ryan Yee

Blowing up the Van Award : 

   Aunty Frances & Aunty Lee

Burnt Toast: 

   Aunty Lee

Going to the socials but not actually playing any sports:  

    Cam Young

The Big Booty Award for knocking heaps of stuff off the bench at Indoor Netball: 

   Colin Chin

The Most Likely to win the W800 without trying:

   Heidi Chin

The Plasterer’s apprenticeship certificate & Rrrroasteddd/worst comeback & F****S given awards : 

  Jasmine Ng

The Not knowing how to get home award: 

   Jeffrey Huang

First Game Injury Award:

   Kevin Ng

Underage Rager Award:

  Levi Kaan

Hardest Pre-drinker :

  Lisa Yue

Most Injury Prone:

  Nadine King

Best newbies:

  Regan Chen & Jenny Ho

Ankle tapping in touch thus losing OSCA the Friendship cup Award:

  Regan Chen

Most likely to injure themselves so they don’t have to play finals:

  Josh Stoddard

The Future of the OSCA Award:

  Amelia Hall

Future Couples Award:

  Nadine King and Tim Liew